E-cigarettepros firefly 2 – is it really worth the price?

The e-cigarettepros firefly 2 is an expensive device used for vaping. The product makes its value fit with amazing looks and great performance. The smoke production is 99% pure which means you are getting the best form of smoke out of the Firefly 2. Unlike its predecessor, the Firefly 2 is lighter, heats faster and is much smaller so it is easy to carry around.

The most important point about the Firefly 2 is that even though it is a little more expensive than the usual vape device, it helps you save a lot on herb. Because you don’t tend to smoke it all at once. You can always save the smoke for later. The inside of the device is made of glass which makes it easy to clean and store the remainder of your initial smoke.

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e-cigarettepros firefly 2 review

Smooth Vape Is The Real Deal

You have a selection of different temperatures to choose how you would like to work your Firefly 2. The higher the temperature, the bigger the cloud. The lesser, the better the taste of the produce. The product is a new age wonder with the ability to link it with an app on your mobile – android or I-phone, and it allows you to check the temperature and other details of the product.

Service is also very prompt. On discovering that the product malfunctions or does not function at all, the company will send you a brand new e-cigarettefirefly 2for all your troubles so you can continue to use this one of a kind product. It is very easy to clean the slot as well with the brush provided in the kit. You can scoop out the impurities and residue after smoking. The glass interior of the vape device makes it very easy to clean.

E-cigarettepros firefly 2 vapourizer – the iphone of vapourizers 

Along with the vapourizer, a charger cable, grinder and rechargeable batteries are provided for our convenience. You can charge your e-cigarettewith a mobile charger and get it ready in 45 minutes, flat!