What are electronic cigarettes?

E-cigs work by conveying nicotine and other chemicals to the e-cigaretter through an aerosol vapour. The devicesare made toreplicate the work of smoking traditional cigarettes but don’t entail the blazing of tobacco. Non-nicotine items are also accessible and several brands (both non-nicotine and nicotine) come in confectionary, fruit, plus other flavors. A variety of names are employed to illustrate the items, including e-nicotine delivery systems, e-cigs, vape-pipes, hookah-pens, e-Hookas, e-pipes, e-cigars, e-shisha.

Can E-cigs Aid with quitting smoking?

No e cigarette product has been endorsed by theTherapeutic-Goods-Administration as a support to aid with stoppingsmoking. There isrestricted self-governing study into whether or not e-cigs are helpful forquitting purposes and since e-cigs differ interms of designs and ingredients, findings on one kind of e-cigs can’t be said to implement to other types.


As there are subjective claims of e-cigaret being employed as a support to quitting, there are also studies of smokers boosting their nicotine habitas well as dual use (of both smoked tobacco and e cigarettes). There are lots of quitting supports which are authorized by the Therapeutic-Goods-Administration that are harmless to use plus are shown to boost permanent quitting rates. These consist of inhalators, mouth spray, lozenges, gum, and patches and quit-smoking medicines like Zyban or Champix. A few of these items can be used at a reasonable price with prescription of a doctor.


Public use and glamorised promotion of the products could re-glamorise and renormalise smoking activities, especially between young people. The consumption of e-cig is increasing at a considerablerate internationally, especially between young people. Leading tobacco firms like Ecigaret Land now possess and market leading e-cig brands.The tobacco business has a hugeconcerned in enduring to marketsmoking products and behavior and has a major past in misleading consumers.