What do you know about the different kinds of furniture wood

There are different kinds of furniture wood. There is teak garden furniture as well as teak indoor furniture which is prized. In addition the different kinds of wood which are used to make common furniture are :

Teak garden furniture

  1. Ash – this it tough and used for bent furniture parts which need a lot of strength. These vary in color from gray or whitish to light and even in some cases dark reddish brown.
  2. Basswood – this is used along with walnut and mahogany. This is an inexpensive wood and is usually paired with mahogany and walnut.
  3. Beech – this is not attractive but it stains well and is heavy as well as hard.
  4. Birch – this can be used for all kinds of furniture construction. This is moderately expensive.
  5. teak patio furniture or even teak for indoor furniture is great. Infact teak can be used as a veneer and also for a solid piece. This is varied in color from a dark brown to a golden yellow. This is an expensive wood but extremely long lasting.
  6. Walnut – this wood is used usually in veneers and it has a striking look which makes it truly attractive.
  7. Sycamore – is wood which does not split easily and therefore it is used mainly by butchers for their butcher blocks. This wood is varied from reddish brown to pinkish. It also has rays which are closely spaced and has a very distinct grain pattern. This is not very expensive and is easy to work with too.
  8. Redwood – is used for outdoor furniture as insects and decay doesn’t get to it easily. This need not be finished either and this is moderately hard. If there is no teak garden bench then the bench is sure to be made of redwood.